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Hunter Battery Operated Controllers

Wireless Valve System.

Traffic medians, roundabouts, rural properties, construction sites, municipal parks:all places that lack standard electric power. But with the Wireless Valve System, Hunter makes it possible for each to enjoy the benefits of automatic irrigation.

Battery life is guaranteed through a full season, making replacement a simple annual task. And there's no need to reach inside the valve box to hook up a field transmitter and download program instructions; the programmer can communicate with the controller from up to 100 feet away. Combined with the user-friendly operating features, there's no battery-powered unit on the market that's easier to program. Plus, with all installed components hidden safely underground and out of view, only the Wireless Valve System is truly vandal-resistant.
Hunter XC Hybrid Controllers and Timers Hunter Node Battery Operated Controllers Timers Hunter WVC Wireless Valve System

Hunter - 387300 - Controller Lock and Key Set Hunter - 387300 - Controller Lock and Key Set

  • For: ACC, ICC Plastic Cabinet, ICC Metal Cabinet, I-CORE Plastic Cabinet, I-CORE Metal Cabinet, PRO-C, PRO-CC, XC, XCH.

List Price: $22.00
Our Price: $7.61
You save: $14.39!
In Stock
Hunter 458200 Dc Latching Solenoid for Plas Vlv Hunter - 458200 - DC Latching Solenoid for all Valves

  • For all Hunter Plastic Valves
  • Battery-Operated Controllers: SVC, WVS, & NODE
  • Use INSTEAD of AC

List Price: $40.00
Our Price: $20.29
You save: $19.71!
In Stock
SPXCH - Hunter Solar Panel for XCH Battery Controller Hunter - SPXCH - Solar Panel

  • Solar Panel
  • Optional
  • For XC Hybrid Use ONLY
  • 3 1/4" H x 3" W x 5/8" D

List Price: $175.00
Our Price: $101.51
You save: $73.49!
7 to 10 Days
XCH 6 Station Indoor/Outdoor Controller Hunter - XCH600 - 6-Station Indoor/Outdoor Controller

  • 6 Station Battery-Operated Controller
  • Indoor & Outdoor Controller
  • Plastic

List Price: $195.00
Our Price: $106.86
You save: $88.14!
In Stock

Battery Operated Hunter Controllers

Battery operated controllers allow irrigation to occur without tapping into an electrical connection. They still maintain most of the user-friendly features provided by their wired counterparts.

No Power, No Problem
Our online store has the best selection of battery powered controllers that will solve all of your electrical troubles that you might have with normal controllers.

We carry the full array of Hunter Battery Controllers.

  • Hunter XC-Hybrid Battery Controllers
  • Hunter Node Battery Controllers
  • Hunter WVC Wireless Valve System

Hunter Battery Powered Controllers and Timers

Use these reliable battery-powered controllers and timers without the need of an electrical connection.