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Unique Signature Series

Unique Lighting Systems' Signature Series & Hardscape Series line is the end result of a timeless effort to create the perfect lighting fixture.

Each Unique Signature Series & Hardscape Series fixture is built for a specific purpose and designed to last a lifetime. The Signature Series & Hardscape Series line is the result from years of research and development determined to create only the most elite lighting fixtures available for the most discerning end user.
Unique Signature Series Down Lights Unique Signature Series Path Lights Unique Signature Series Wall Lights Unique Signature Series Well Lights

Signature Series Lights

Our online store has one of the largest warehouse selections of Unique Lighting Systems products including the Signature Series Lamps.

Unique Signature Lamps
We have a large selection of Unique Signature Series lights in a variety of styles to best fit your landscape lighting needs.

  • Unique Signature Path Lights
  • Unique Signature Down Lights
  • Unique Signature Wall Lights
  • Unique Signature Well Lights
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