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Unique Lighting Fixtures

In addition to having the highest quality parts, you need to have an integrated system to create a lighting portrait.

Inconsistent light output between fixtures is known to ruin most lighting portraits. For this reason Unique, developed the Hub Wiring System. Using the Multi-Matic Power Transformer, the Satellite™ or Equalizer™ Hub Wiring System, and our top of the line fixtures, Unique has created the only system that produces even lighting output at every fixture. The Satellite™ Hub offers extra protection by providing a fuse in the hub. This allows for not only the ultimate in protection from shorts but also quick and easy troubleshooting in the field. Unique Lighting Fixtures come with a 25 or 50 foot wire lead that taps into the Satellite™ or Equalizer™ Hub creating a simple, and maintenance-free lighting portrait!

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Unique - MERC7REP - Mercury 7-WB  Replacement Shroud Assembly Unique - MERC7REP - Mercury 7- Replacement Shroud Assembly

  • Unique - MERC7REP - Mercury 7-  Replacement Shroud Assembly
  • Includes: Shroud, Lens, and Collar
  • For Path Light

List Price: $89.16
Our Price: $59.46
You save: $29.70!
In Stock
Unique - ORO9-24-20 - 24V Odyssey Orion 9 Niche Wall Sconce Light, 20W Xelogen Unique - ORO9-24-20 - 24V Odyssey Orion 9 Niche Wall Sconce Light

  • Unique - ORO9-24-20 - 24V Odyssey Orion 9 Niche Wall Sconce Light
  • 24 Volt
  • 20W Xelogen
  • Includes 25' Wire Cord
  • Finish: Weathered Brass
  • 9" Surface Mount
  • Availability very limited

List Price: $187.72
Our Price: $122.78
You save: $64.94!
7 to 10 Days
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty (ON THE ENTIRE POWER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM™)...
Unique is the ONLY manufacturer that will warranty the fixtures (Odyssey and Signature Series), the wiring connections, and the transformer, essentially the entire system, for life! This one of a kind Limited Lifetime Warranty protects homeowners not only against rust and corrosion of the fixtures, but also the sockets, all related hardware, wire connections and the solid brass construction. Working harder and smarter, we continue to manufacture the most innovative and longest lasting landscape lighting products.
In order to provide you with a Limited Lifetime Warranty on our Odyssey and Signature Series fixtures, Unique uses the best materials available to withstand rust and corrosion. Please be aware that all aluminum products will deteriorate over time from rust and corrosion due to the metal’s properties. This is why we offer you Odyssey Fixtures that are made from solid brass with Beryllium Copper lamp sockets. The solid brass construction can withstand the various elements associated with outdoor landscapes and it will last forever! Remember, it is not only how beautiful the finish is on the outside, but also what is underneath that counts. At Unique, lighting products are viewed as a lifetime investment!
Two key items to consider before making your landscape lighting decision are lamp life and color of light emitted at the bulb. Being the innovator in the field, Unique uses lamps that produce the best illumination while lasting the longest period of time. All of Unique's Odyssey Fixtures come with a high quality Halogen or Astro-Brite lamp that will last between 2,000 to 20,000 hours giving you years of trouble-free operation. Most importantly, the lamps produce beautiful white light that preserves the natural color and aesthetics of your landscape and property.
ALL of Unique's transformers have multiple ETL Listings for UL Standards that make it the safest and most versatile power supply available. Whether you need to power-up fixtures near water, in a structure, in the landscape or on the home, Unique's Multi-Matic™ Power Transformers are approved for all outdoor lighting applications.