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Sprinkler Weather Sensors

Sensors for irrigation sprinkler systems include:
  • Rain Sensors
  • Temperature Freeze Sensors
  • Soil Moisture Sensors
  • Wind Sensors
  • Water Flow Sensors

  • Most sensors are available in both wireless and hard-wired versions. Sensors are connected to the irrigation controller's sensor terminals and temporarily suspend watering by the irrigation timer. Sensors help prevent costly and harmful over watering during unnecessary times or unfavorable conditions.
    Hunter Sprinkler Sensors Rain Bird Sprinkler Sensors Toro Sprinkler Sensors Irritrol Sprinkler Sensors
    Weathermatic Sensors Baseline Moisture Sensors

    BL-WTS100KIT - Baseline Watertec Soil Moisture Monitor (S100) BL-WTS100KIT - Baseline WaterTec Soil Moisture Monitor (S100)

    • Baseline WaterTec Soil Moisture Monitor Kit
    • Automatically calibrates to your soil type
    • Celsius and Fahrenheit
    • Measurement every fifteen minutes
    • Compatible with most rain sensors
    • Displays the number of days since the last two watering cycles
    • The biSensor is fully sealed to protect all electronics from moisture and dirt. It is to be buried directly in the soil and it is submersible.
    • Ability to bypass S100 control, if needed
    • Built-in self-test features

    List Price: $149.00
    Our Price: $169.99
    In Stock
    Hunter FCT-100 Flow Clik Sensor Tee 1" SCH40 Hunter - FCT100 - Flow-Clik Sensor Tee

    • 1" Schedule
    • 40 Sensor Receptacle Tee
    • Inlet/Outlet: Slip

    List Price: $70.00
    Our Price: $38.47
    You save: $31.53!
    In Stock
    Hunter FLOWCLIK Flow Clik Sensor And Interface Hunter - FLOWCLIK - Standard Kit for ALL 24 VAC Controllers

    • Standard Kit for all 24 VAC Controllers
    • Includes: sensor and interface module
    • Sensor requires FCT for pipe installation
    • Excludes sensor body - order separately

    List Price: $345.00
    Our Price: $189.67
    You save: $155.33!
    7 to 10 Days
    Hunter HFS - Hunter Flow Sensor for ACC Controllers Hunter - HFS - Hunter Flow Sensor for ACC Controllers

    • Includes sensor onl
    • Use with ACC and I-Core controllers
    • Sensor
      requires FCT for pipe installation (sold separately)

    List Price: $250.00
    Our Price: $157.61
    You save: $92.39!
    In Stock

    Large Selection of Irrigation Sensors

    Our online store has one of the largest warehouse selections of sensors for sprinkler systems.

    Sensors for Irrigation
    Rain, freeze, and wind sensors are designed to fire up or to shut down your sprinkler valves whenever predetermined thresholds of climate are reached. In this way, irrigation sensors help prevent cost associated with over-watering.

    There are different types of sprinkler sensors used in different irrigation applications:

    • Irrigation Sensors for Wind
    • Sprinkler Sensors for Rain
    • Golf Course Irrigation Sensors
    • Wind and Freeze Sensors for Athletic Fields
    • Farm Irrigation Sensors
    • Wired and Wireless Sensors

    Landscape Irrigation Sensors

    Most irrigation weather sensors are used as part of a complete sprinkler system, consisting of piping, fittings and automatic controller and timer equipment.

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